Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Recap

With Christmas and New Years past us now I am guessing Grace's Christmas pics have already been seen by everybody, but if not here's another. The world's best model I say. Of course she moved around and it took awhile but man was it worth it. Christmas was a blast. I kinda figured she'd just sit there but she was very active and participated a bunch, even though the paper was the tastiest part of it all. I was asked more than once if she went to see Santa and quite frankly never even thought of doing that. Oh well! Next year.

That was about the just of it for over the holidays. Now she is becoming much much more mobile which is fun and spooooky! We were getting ready for mommy to come home so I laid her in the crib to work on crawling while I pulled out her PJ's only to hear her little musical over the crib mobile thingy begin playing out of no where. Upon turning around she was standing there watching me and spinning the little musical over the crib mobile thingy with a huge grin. My heart kinda jumped a little being a tad startled and surprised. So, now that the crib has been lowered to keep her from tossing a leg over and going for a midnight snack I thought that would slow things down some. Wrong, not only does she pull herself up more than I slap her mama's bootie, but Grace has now (as of today... er... last night even) begun to crawl. Ohh Noo! What do I do now. Crap! Gotta find a job : ) Baby proofing hasn't even started. Does this mean I can no longer keep knives laying around? No more chemicals strewn about with open lids? No more... well, you got it.

Now the fun begins. We just got this mini winter jacket/snow suit set plus a ton (or more) of snow. How's that saying go? When you get snow, make lemonade? Something like that. Anyhoo, Grace and I are gonna go outside and make lemonade one of these days... just you wait. I can hear all the women now, "cover her up!" Oh jeeze. Women! A little frost bite never killed anyone. Oh, or did it? Well, we'll see!

Before I call it a day (or a month) I thought I'd mention Grace's new way of falling asleep. Not much to mention really. Just take a peak.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I is a poet and I dun't even nose it!

It's been quite some time since I posted so I guess I'll throw this little poem into the mix. Didn't really want to, but whatever. Grace and I were just chillin' a couple of weeks before I was to return to work and I felt the urge to start writing. This is what came out. Here goes.

To stay at home and be with my baby.

Dani says yes, yet I say maybe.

To be rich and not worry of a thing,

That would cushion the painful sting.

The sting of work,

The sting of loneliness;

Why leave now and feel depressed?

She cries,

She eats,

While I just giggle;

I love to watch her sit, lay, and wiggle.

Such a treasure,

Such total bliss.

I cannot wait when she knows of a kiss.

To know of love,

Of family, and God.

She makes my world better,

Since she is my job.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kauai or bust

6 months

Just to recapp our trip a few weeks ago to Kauai. It was great. All those concerns of the flight were put to rest. Grace was just amazing. If she wasn't sleeping she was completely adorable. The only issue was her sleep pattern, as well as ours. Up at 3am and alseep by 6pm made for interesting days. The sun was another rival with mommy lubing up the baby every spare moment... even in the shade! Better safe than sorry. What is cuter than a baby in a swimsuit?

A baby swimming in the said swimsuit. Hilarious. Little thunder thighs kicking around and small fingers and little toes grabbing at the water. Then, she began to fall asleep. The next time we went swimming was in the ocean and she was less than exited about the surf hitting her toes. Hilarious as well. With Kauai's abundance of water falls, mountains, and several other natural wonders I couldn't help but think of when we return so Gracie can really appreciate it. This time she was more amazed with mommies hair or that strap blowing in the breeze. Still a sight to behold.

At 5-6 months of learning, Grace has become quite stable sitting up on her own and even stops herself from tipping over... sometimes. Tummy time has been getting more exciting at this point due to her ability to lift herself up and even putting her butt up (once now). I keep expecting to see her crawling around and actually, as scary as it sounds, I am looking forward to it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Huh, imagine that?

Well, I received word from LaForce that they expect me back a week prior to what was discussed, regardless of what was approved or not. Even after a year and a half of service they won't give me any leeway. Surprising because I really did try to make it work there. I would have thought that even after a minor discrepancy in time, they would attempt to work it out with me but they tell me if I do not return a week prior (on time in their eyes) I will officially have resigned from my position as production coordinator at LaForce. It just mind boggles me how they are willing to let all of it go and start over to prove a point. Maybe that is why this company is where it's at after all these years. It seems to me that loyalty no longer exists. I have yet to ever see it and even when I catch a glimpse of it I get totally screwed over. Even after asking for acceptance they refused to negotiate. I am convinced this scenario was preconceived and that they as well as I needed change. I hope they fail. They are not good people. They and there policies should burn and rot in hell. Not only did they doop me out of my CDL, but also out of an actual position that supervises a shop instead of being the shop. Liars. Cheats. Thieves. Bastards. I hope they fail... badly. I have never wished damage on anyone but this company cares only of numbers and not of people. Wrong. Just dead wrong. They deserve to fail. Karma some call it. Well, I hated my job there and now they (or someone else) gave me a reason to leave. I will most definitely not ditch my family vacation for that shit hole... pardon my french. Some people have priorities... mine... family, friends... not LaForce! Looks like I got what I wanted. Scary. So, long story short, it looks like I am a stay at home dad after all : ) Time for a walk Gracie.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's The Final Countdown

Grace has gone down to nap and only for a half hour I'm sure, so we'll see how much gets accomplished here. We are at a tad over 5 months and she is growing and learning so fast. It seems she is starting to get a little personality and becoming more ticklish as well. How is it that something so cute become cuter and why does the house no longer smell of just dog but of baby pee? Even after cleaning. We had that caramel coffee that smelled of poo, so is there coffee which smells of pee somewhere? Did I misplace a diaper along the way?

Camping for the first time seemed easier than most had thought. I was looking forward to it since day one and I received so many bewildered looks when even speaking of the idea. Not bad at all... but then again... we have super baby. I was somewhat concerned of the smoke but it proved to not phase her; and mosquito's, not one in sight. I should try my hand at gabbling due to the simple fact that I struck gold with my awesome wife and again with a halfway decent puppy and yet again with Gracie. Huh? Maybe. Anyhoo, to watch Grace absorb the trees, the breeze, the leaves (I'll stop there cuz it's beginning to rhyme) is just hilarious. Left, right, left again, then up. She is all over just taking it in. Big eyes.

Watching her with toys is too funny. Staring then eating, at least attempting to. Scary when she gags. Whether it be her fist or her finger. Still hasn't figured that one out. And she got a little carried away with a teething toy earlier. Just scary. Hasn't figured out she can't eat the puppie's nose either. She almost got it a few times now. It seems that chewing on something tends to calm her but that may change when she does finally get a hold of Nyla's nose.

I have two weeks until I am to return to work and as I mentioned before (in so many words), I am kinda lost. This is by far the best job I have ever had... and quite possibly, ever will. Thankfully we will have a few days basking in the island sun as a family. Less Nyla of course. I am amped out to see how Grace will react to our upcoming Hawaiian vacation. How will she like the feel of sand in between her little toes and fingers? The sounds of waves splashing and birds calling? Sounds of palm fronds rustling? The warmth of the sun being cooled by an ocean breeze, with it's distinctive scent as it passes over her round nose? Waking to the sound of flying roosters? Damn those roosters. I hope the flights don't take a toll on her and pray her ears don't cause her pain. Just like camping, this too will be a learning experience. Well, it is that time as my little buddy is calling. Aloha!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Well crap, three weeks and counting. Where did the time go. It was most definitely worth it. Just thinking of going back to "work" has me doing job searches for something new and has me thinking of how we could make this stay home dad thing work for the long haul. I have tried making cash with stock photos, building corn hole games, selling my junk, doing side jobs, and hooking on the corner, but only selling my junk has paid off. Actual junk that is, not my personal "junk" (get it)? Anyhoo, I am beginning to get bummed and fear that during our upcoming vacation the week before my leave ends, will be drowned with thoughts of sorrow as I leave my sweet little baby to make money : (

I now wonder if I would hold up to a late night part time job after Dani gets home. I kinda doubt it as I just want to crawl into bed around 10pm anymore. Might be an idea though. What if I did my own gig and made my own hours? Kinda tried that this past 12 weeks and look where it got me. Huh? Think.?. I'm drawing blanks. Maybe stuffing envelopes? Riiiight. It's not that I hate working, I just don't want to miss all the things Grace will go through. Watching her now as we walk through the parks and preserves... so aware. Sitting up, throwing up, discovering toys, sleepy eyes, sleepy cries, being a lap baby, overflowing Target diapers, new food. Target diapers suck... for me.